One Of The 2000's Most Iconic Vampire Movies Is Being Adapted For TV

And it looks like it doesn't suck!

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With First Kill, Midnight Mass and Night Teeth hitting Netflix over the last year, it's safe to say vampires are making a comeback... and the world of television is all the better for it! 

While we knew Interview With The Vampire was set to get its own series, we weren’t expecting one of our other favourite silver-screen bloodsuckers to come to TV!

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It’s been revealed the 2008 Swedish vampire movie Let The Right One In (which was adapted into Let Me In with Chloë Grace Moretz in 2010) will be getting the small-screen treatment.

The new series is produced by American streaming giants Showtime, who have already released the first trailer for their unique take on the vampire genre.

Watch it here:

We’ve yet to see a local announcement for the series, but we’d expect Let The Right One In to hit Paramount+ shortly after it premieres in America on October 7!

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Nick Barrett

27 July 2022

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Nick Barrett

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