Oh Sh*t, It's A Snake! What Now?

Here's what you do!

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Local Perth snake catching legend Mick Fullerton, of Western Reptile Removal fame, came into the studio with a bunch of snakes to raise awareness about the forthcoming season and what to do should you encounter these misunderstood creatures.

Basically, Mick warned that snake season is here and the worst thing you can do is try and take one on.

"If you live in Perth, say up in Mt Helena or Wattle Grove, where the Tigers are going off, have snake catchers' numbers on standby. Have a bit of protocol, pressure bandages in your house, just in case something does go wrong. Have the vet's number somewhere quick in case your dog gets bitten,

"It's basically just being aware and having that full-blown awareness, living in this country you have to, our snakes are so venomous. They'll never hurt you, just don't encroach on a snake, they'll always go the other way."


We can't thank Mick enough for coming in and sharing his story. Make sure to follow him on socials, Western Reptile Removal.

We also managed to film the experience. Watch it below.



13 October 2021

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