Nurses At Two Western Sydney Hospitals Rally Over “Chronic Understaffing”

Escalating concerns

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Hundreds of healthcare workers in two major western Sydney hospitals have simultaneously walked-out chanting 'nurses aren't okay'.

Frustrated by chronic understaffing, nurses gathered outside Blacktown and Westmead Hospitals on Monday morning to bring attention to the issue.

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One key concern is overcrowding, which according to nursing staff is the result of Covid patients spending too long near non-Covid patients.

NSW Nurses and Midwives Association organiser Mark Murphy told the Sydney Morning Herald that the Western Sydney Local Health District had been notified of the escalating concerns.

“It’s the combination of chronic understaffing, overcrowded waiting rooms and a lack of access to additional beds,” he said.

“We appeal to the government to revisit the implementation of nurse-to-patient ratios into the legislation.”

- Mr Murphy

Denny Anderson, a nurse at Westmead Hospital, told Nine it's putting patient care at risk.

"This care is being provided in our corridors, in our waiting room, in a chair in the corridor," he said.

"There are patients being forced to sleep on floors overnight. There are constantly 7-to-10-hour delays to be seen.

“We are constantly short-staffed. Our nurses on the wards are working (as) a single nurse to eight up to 10 patients, especially overnight,” he said last month.

The latest data reveals one in 10 patients gave up on receiving treatment at Western Sydney emergency departments between January and March this year, because of wait times.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government has pledged an additional 10,000 health workers in its 2022-23 Budget to help repair the state’s struggling health sector.


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18 July 2022

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