NSW Police Boost Specialist Squads, Officers To Target Organised Crime, Terror And Violence

Biggest recruitment in 30 years

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NSW police will boost its numbers in a bid to target gangs, terror, and domestic violence.

Additional officers and resources will be bought in to better support specialist New South Wales police units targeting organised crime, terrorism and DV incidents.

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Police minister Paul Toole announced 120 new positions on Monday, the state’s biggest recruitment in more than 30 years.

"We’re boosting every area and aspect of the NSW Police Force.

"Including our general duties police, domestic violence specialist investigators, police prosecutors, counter terrorism police and organised crime squads,” Mr Toole said.

“These extra positions mean more proactive policing, more foot patrols, more visibility of police in high-risk areas, more support for victims, and more time to investigate crime.

“An effective police force requires the support and resources to stay ahead of the game and disrupt crimes before they occur," he said.

Commissioner Karen Webb said the new positions aim to improve community safety.

“Our population as a state is continually growing, and with that comes greater responsibility as a police service,” Commissioner Webb said.

“These allocations have been carefully considered to ensure we boost numbers in areas that need it the most.

“It is crucial to have resources in the right areas to prevent and respond to crime and see those matters through the court process,” Webb said.

The new positions include:

  • State Crime Command
  • Police Prosecutions
  • Counter Terrorism and Special Tactics
  • High Risk Domestic Violence Team
  • Rural Crime Investigators

The boost to police resources will lead to more proactive policing, with increased foot patrols and more officers in “high-risk areas”, Toole said.

The pool of general duties police officers will also be boosted across metro, regional and rural locations.


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18 July 2022

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