NSW Bans Single-Use Plastic Bags From Today

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New South Wales will ban single-use plastic bags from today, bringing them in line with the rest of Australia. 

Environment Minister James Griffin said the ban is the first step in a plan to eradicate single-use plastic items and packaging which make up 60 per cent of the state's litter.

More than 2.7 billion plastic items end up in waterways across NSW each year, and single-use plastic items make up about 60 per cent of the state's litter. 

The government is working with the National Retail Association (NRA) to help businesses with the transition.


“Single-use plastic is used by many of us for just a few convenient minutes, but it remains in our environment for many years, eventually breaking into microplastics,” he said.

Further restrictions on other single-use plastics will be introduced from November, including straws, cutlery, plates and bowls, crockery and cups made from expanded polystyrene, along with plastic cotton buds and rinse-off personal care products with plastic beads.

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1 June 2022

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