NRL Round 15 = Beanie For Brain Cancer

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Everyone loves watching NRL while supporting a great cause, which makes the iconic ‘Beanie for Brain Cancer' round that much sweeter.

With the first game of round 15 starting Thursday June 17, full crowds rocking beanies from the sidelines are expected to be seen.

Whether it be the ball boys, coin tossers or coaches, the whole rugby community will stand together in beanies during round 15, to raise funds for the Mark Hughes Foundation.

Former Blues player Mark Hughes was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2013.

“I’m a brain cancer patient with so many others out there. When this all started there was little hope, no one knew nothing about it. I’m pretty proud to say since that time, we’ve raised a lot of hope for people”, he said.

His partnership with the NRL has raised millions of dollars for people suffering from brain cancer.

Beanie for Brain Cancer:

Hughes describes the event as,

“A weekend where all the media come together for it, all the coaches, players, most importantly all the fans. It’s just a really great weekend, and to see the beanies everywhere, it’s just a real show of hope”.

Whether you are at the game or watching from home, you can support this cause and buy your own beanie here.

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16 June 2021

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