Notorious Underworld Crime Figure Executed In South-West Sydney Overnight

A hail of bullets

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Police have confirmed the man shot dead in Greenacre overnight was the Mr Big of Sydney's criminal underworld - Mahmoud "Brownie" Ahmad.

The notorious gangster was gunned down outside a home on Narelle Crescent about 9-30pm on Wednesday, in a cold-blooded assassination just days after a million-dollar bounty was put on his head by his underworld rivals.

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Upon arrival, emergency crews treated a man with gunshot shot wounds, later revealed as Ahmad, however he died at the scene.

“A black Porsche sedan and black BMW were both located on fire at Strathfield and Belmore a short time later,” police said in a statement on Thursday morning.

Police are investigating whether the vehicles were used in the hit.

Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said police believe several people were involved due to the scale of the shooting.

"Multiple shots were fired at Brownie Ahmed, resulting in his death," he reported. "What I can also say is there were other people that were with Brownie Ahmed at the time, not only with him, but in the street - the was a number of people,"

"It’s an absolute miracle that no one else got killed or injured. It’s amazing no one else got hit"

- Det Supt Doherty

Family members arrived at the home on Thursday morning with a police escort.

Homicide Squad detectives and forensics officers remain at the scene, with initial investigations set to hone-in on Sydney’s underworld figures.

Ahmad was jailed in 2020 after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Safwan Charbaji in Condell Park in 2016 and was released on parole six months ago

Police had warned Brownie Ahmad late last year of a plot to kill him and continued to inform him about the danger to his life.

Brownie's brother Walid “Wally” Ahmad was gunned down at Bankstown Central Shopping Centre in 2016, sparking a gangland war which claimed at least four lives.


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28 April 2022

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