Notorious Road Near Wagga Receives $120 000 For Upgrades

Putting Any Future Accidents In Reverse

Article heading image for Notorious Road Near Wagga Receives $120 000 For Upgrades


Around $120 thousand has just been allocated to upgrading Coolamon Road.

It comes after a series of dangerous accidents on the road linking Coolamon and Wagga towns have been reported.

Wagga Council Get Funding For Road Saftey Audits:

Council Operation Director Warren Faulkner said,

“As a result of continue accidents near that Houlaghans creek bridge on Coolamon road, about 8 kays north of Wagga , council made applications to the Centre For Road Safety to do some investigations for any underlying root causes".

We know we can expect to see tree removals and the renewing of line markings.

Faulkner also said,

“It’s an investigation exercise at the moment. It’s got a 12 month timeframe attached to it, the funding agreement”.

He is currently looking to engage a level 3 road safety auditor within the next month or two.

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30 June 2021

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