Northam seeing green at native tree drive

Over a hundred lucky plant lovers!

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Over 100 enthusiastic gardeners descended upon the Bilya Koort Boodja fire pit, as the Shire of Northam had their native plant giveaway for shire residents. Acacias, bottle brushes, eucalypts and myrtles were given away as part of an initiative to help residents 'green up' the urban environment.

The drive by the Shire of Northam aims to get residents planting trees in the community and will benefit the wider region, says Shire chief executive Jason Whiteaker, and he is excited to see residents plant the selection of native trees and shrubs in their gardens.

By aiming to create green belts along the urban areas, and in between houses and properties, the Shire aims to reduce average temperature by providing tree canopies and shade. This in turn will hopefully reduce the costs of cooling and water usage in the region, which could help Northam who regularly sees temperatures of over 40 degrees in the Summer.

Mr. Whiteaker has said that the program will run again next Winter, and that they may may have multiple drives due to such high demand. Plant lovers, stay tuned for next Winter's plant giveaway!

9 August 2019

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