No, Deodorant Doesn't Cause Cancer, Despite What Chris Judd Thinks

100% Untrue

Sarah Bol

10 August 2018

Sarah Bol

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Deodorant doesn’t cause cancer – despite what footy great Chris Judd might believe.

The dual Brownlow Medallist has apologised for an unfortunate gaffe on The Footy Show during a live TV children’s cancer fundraiser. 

The Footy Show receive numerous complaints on social media after Judd claimed he only wore natural deodorant to avoid cancer.

“I’m using a natural deodorant. The by-product of that is that it doesn’t actually work, but I’m not going to die of cancer,” he told the cameras.

But professor Sanchia Aranda, Cancer Council CEO, says these kind of beliefs are not just untrue, they can also lead to unhealthy behaviour.

“There is no evidence that deodorant or antiperspirant cause cancer,” she told The Hit Network.

“The myth is related to an email hoax and rumours that have circulated ever since – but these stories are really related to aluminium and there’s no evidence that aluminium causes cancer.” 

She said myths like this were frustrating for health promoters:

“It’s frustrating, these sorts of stories mean that everything is considered to cause cancer and that drives down healthy behaviours.”

“We know that one in three cancers are preventable – and that the main prevention strategies you can take are not to smoke, to avoid sun exposure, to eat a healthy diet, keep a healthy weight and avoid excessive alcohol.”

She said people should rely on professionals for health advice.

“They are absolutely safe to use. There is absolutely no evidence that deodorants or antiperspirants cause cancer.”

Judd later admitted his comment was inappropriate: “I’m not going to back over it, but needless to say I said something that was insensitive before.”

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