New Zealand Teachers Given Incentives To Teach In Victoria

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New Zealand teachers are eligible in a $9,000 incentive to start their career, re-locate, or re-join the industry in Victoria to fill the countless positions needed filling.

The State Government’s Best Start, Best Life early childhood education reforms is the first-time teachers from interstate and New Zealand will be offered incentive for teaching in “The Education State.”

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Individual incentives of $9,000 are available for qualified teachers and educators starting their careers, re-joining the sector, or relocating to Victoria from interstate or New Zealand.

Location incentives of $9,000 are also available for educators willing to relocate to high-priority services across the state to deliver the three-year-old kindergarten program.

There are also existing location incentives of $9,000 to $50,000 for early childhood teachers who take up a role at a high-priority service.

On top of these incentives, between $2,000 and $8,000 in relocation support is also available to educators and teachers who are awarded an incentive and are relocating more than 200 kilometres to take up a role.

Minister for Early Childhood Education and Pre-Prep Ingrid Stitt said the incentives supports the government’s endeavours to deliver the best early education.

“We’re supporting our early childhood workforce with more financial incentives and innovative courses to ensure we attract, retain and support dedicated staff to deliver the best educational start for Victorian children.”

- Ingrid Stitt

The latest incentives comes just days after the State Government announced payments up to $50,000 for qualified early xhildhood teachers to fill hard-to-fill position in across Victoria.


The scheme, which has attracted about 100 teachers so far, offers individual incentives of $9,000 to attract teachers from outside the sector and ­location incentives of $9.000 to $50,000.

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15 July 2022

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