New South Wales Record 8,389 New Infections As Death Toll Drops To 18

Health officials push for boosters

Article heading image for New South Wales Record 8,389 New Infections As Death Toll Drops To 18

New South Wales has recorded 8,389 new Covid infections over the last 24 hours along with their lowest death toll in over two weeks.

The state has today recorded 18 Covid related deaths, a drop of 31 Covid deaths yesterday.

Of the latest deaths, there 11 men and seven women.

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According to last week’s numbers, at least 18 percent of people who passed away had received their booster while one in five of the victims were unvaccinated.

There are currently 2,337 people in hospital with the virus and 52 people in intensive care units.

Of the latest Covid numbers, 3,089 were from positive PCR tests and 5,300 were from rapid antigen tests.

According to NSW Health’s Jeremy McAnulty, booster shots are they key to slowing the spread.

"We need to make sure those booster shots for all people 16 and over now are given on time because booster is really important for preventing the transmission and serious disease," he said.

So far over 42 percent of the NSW eligible population have received their third shot of the vaccine.

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Georgie Marr

5 February 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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