New School Zones For Leeton & Tips For Parents

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Amber Lowther

23 January 2019

Amber Lowther

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Leeton Shire Council have announced that a new school zone will be in operation from the beginning of Term 1, 2019, to provide addition safety for students at Parkview Pubic School. 

Leeton Shire Council Road Safety Officer Stephanie Puntoriero said a new school zone will be in operation to protect children.

“The safety of all students is paramount and this new School zone will help protect children on their way to and from school. The lower speed limit will reduce the risk and potential severity of a crash," Mrs Puntoriero said.

The new school zone has been installed on Cherry Avenue, from the intersection with Melaleuca Avenue and now includes all of Park Avenue from Cherry Avenue to Lilac Avenue. 

On school days, the 40 km/h school zones operate between 8am-9:30am and 2:30pm-4pm.

Leeton Shire Council are reminding road users to take care and that the routes to and from schools may be congested with young children. 

Over the coming months police will be targeting speeding, parking and other offences within School Zones.

Traffic offences in School Zones attract increased fines and demerit points.

“The first few weeks of the school year can be particularly dangerous for children – especially those attending school for the first time as many of them will not be used to the busy traffic conditions at their new school. New students and their parents may not be familiar with the parking or school bus arrangements so everyone should slow down and drive with care,” said Leeton Shire Council’s Road Safety Officer, Steph Puntoriero 

Members of the community can sign up at the Safer Roads NSW website to receive updates about changes to permanent speed limits in their nominated area. 

Simply head to:

Tips for parents:

Park a short distance away from the school to keep the entrance as clear as possible for the safety of ALL children on their way to and from school;

Walking a short distance to school allows children to learn about risk and danger, making them safer road users;

If you must park near the school, observe and obey ‘No Stopping’ and “No Parking” signs. They are there for safety reasons;

Always use a designated crossing when one is available;

Ensure your child is wearing the appropriate restraint for the whole of the journey to and from school. Always ensure children exit the vehicle on the footpath side, not onto the road where traffic will be passing;

Ensure younger children are walking away from the edge of the footpath, so that you are between them and the traffic and hold hands whenever possible;

Slow down near schools – be prepared for the unexpected as children travel to and from school;

Setting a good example will not only keep you and your child safe, but will help them grow up to be a safe pedestrian, cyclist and driver.

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