New Research Shows Aussies Are Still Keen To Travel Despite The Rising Cost Of Living

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Article heading image for New Research Shows Aussies Are Still Keen To Travel Despite The Rising Cost Of Living has released new research that shows 7 out of 10 Aussies are still eager to prioritise domestic travel and holidaying at home over international trips in the next 12 months!

The commissioned research polled 11,000 travellers from 11 countries and territories, including over 1000 from Australia between April and May 2022.

So, what were the findings? Let's dive in!

  • 72% admitted that the cost of travel is the greatest consideration when it comes to post-pandemic travel

Travel Confidence Market Ranking

The Travel Confidence Index explores the overall comfort levels, motivators and concerns of consumers across Asia-Pacific and how this varies across the region.

Across the 11 countries polled:

  • Australia comes in fifth place at 72% - a healthy and positive confidence level - however cost factors continue to impact purchase behaviours despite international borders further relaxing.

Top Travel Considerations and Motivators

  • For Aussie travellers, safety comes in at 54% 
  • Convenience comes in at 36% as one of the top three considerations for those looking to book travel in the next year. 
  • 51% have the desire to "just get away" for Aussie consumers
  • 42% want to reunite with family
  • 23% are rebooking a pre-Covid trip
  • 15% of Aussies indicated that they were interested in travelling to a wellness retreat, a much lower response compared to other regions.

Top Travel Deterrents

  • 47% of Aussies find a top concern is cost of booking travel, making it a major deterrent
  • 39% have a fear of falling sick
  • 67% of Aussies are deterred by the access to flexible cancellations and clear refund information
  • 40% believe they are likely to travel internationally in the next six months
  • 46% are likely to continue to look within the Asia-Pacific region for their next trip

Alternative Accommodations Accelerate 

  • 37% agree that there accomodation preferences have shifted
  • 24% are now favouring homes and apartments over hotels

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Amber Lowther

2 August 2022

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Amber Lowther

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