New Exposure Sites For Braddon and Gungahlin Area's

There are over 400 exposure sites

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Canberra now has over 400 exposure sites across the Territory. There are now a number of new casual sites of concern in the Gungahlin, Holt and Braddon areas. 

In Gungahlin there are a number of new contact sites including Urban Fusion Massage in Harrison, Wooloworths Gungahlin, Woolworths Metro in Bonner and Le Bon Melange Cafe and Laverty Pathology in Gungahlin. 

For Holt the main site of concern is a small number of businesses in the Kippax Shopping Centre including Woolworths and Domino's. 

Braddon has also seen additional exposure sites. Crust Pizza, Bottlemart Express, Charcoal Rooster are now all registered to on the ACT Health website. 

ACT Health has also updated the Condamine Court site, considering anyone who has visited during Monday the 15th of August to Thursday the 19th of August a close contact. 

With 9 new COVID-19 cases recorded today in the ACT, this brings the total to 176 since the second outbreak began a few weeks ago. 

To see a full list of exposure sites please visit the ACT Health COVID-19 website. 

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