New Esperance Indoor Sports Stadium on Schedule

First phase of the project underway

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Esperance's $8.36 million Indoor Sports Stadium is now in its first phase and the project is on track according to the Shire of Esperance. 

The project, funded by the Shire of Esperance and the state government, is set to be built with a workforce that is 75 per cent local.

The stadium will house four multi-purpose courts, kitchen and kiosk facilities, change rooms and storage space for user groups.

The original budget for the project was $7.8 million but council opted to contribute a further half a million dollars to add a fourth court.

The project has been split into two stages, the first of which is the new stadium build and the second focuses solely on the existing Noel White Pavilion.

Stage 2 of the project will involve re-cladding the roof of the Noel White Pavilion, providing sports administration space, community meeting rooms, function rooms, more office space for the Agriculture Society and refurbishing the kitchen area.

Currently, the surveying of gridlines is already underway and existing asbestos piping has been removed.

Electrical cabling has been installed at the Tennis Court's clubrooms as well as stormwater on the eastern side of the existing stadium.

According to the shire, the southern swale is well underway and clean fill has been transported to the site.

Work at the southern car park is scheduled for completion in late August, 2019 with the first stage of construction due to be completed by May, 2020.

WA Content Team

14 June 2019

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