New Details Emerge In Death Of Two Sisters In Canterbury Apartment

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More information has come to light regarding the two sisters found dead in a Sydney apartment earlier this year.

Police discovered the bodies of 24-year-old Asra Abdullah Alsehli and 23-year-old Amal in their own beds inside their Canterbury unit on June 7. 

According to a coroner, the women had been dead for well over a month when they were discovered.

New information has been revealed about the two girls who were believed to have been seeking asylum in Australia.

According to The Australian, the two women had attempted to obtain permanent protection visas which were rejected in the months leading up to their deaths. 

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The Australian reported that one of the sisters had applied for the permanent visa based on her sexuality while the other claimed she was escaping an arranged marriage and was an atheist.

The new information followed news that the two women had attended a “girls-only queer event” in Sydney in the months leading up to their deaths. 

An acquaintance said the two women had expressed concerns for their safety due to the danger of being gay in Saudi Arabia.

“They said women live in fear of their safety and that they were grateful to be living in Australia, where they could more freely express themselves,” the acquaintance told The Guardian

“I asked about their lives in Saudi Arabia and whether they had returned home recently to visit family but they seemed reluctant to go into detail and gave short answers.”

A separate source told the ABC that the two women were afraid of a male relative and believed they were being followed by a private investigator.

Despite the recent information, police believe the deaths were likely suicides due to the lack of evidence of a third person being inside the unit at the time of their death.

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Georgie Marr

12 August 2022

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Georgie Marr

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