Never Again Lose Phone Service At A Bendigo Festival - Here's How

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You know the drill. You’re smack bang in the middle of summer’s hottest music festival. You’re sweaty, dirty and you’ve just forked out $10 for a beer. But this is the moment you’ve been waiting for…

Your favourite musician is about to perform. Puffing and panting, you push your way through hundreds of rowdy partygoers until, an eternity later, you find yourself at the very front of the stage.

The World’s Greatest Musician walks up to the microphone and the band kicks in behind them. You immediately recognise the song – it’s one of their best. This, the most unforgettable moment of your life, needs to be shared with everyone you know right now. You pull out your phone, snap a selfie, and fire up an app as you prepare to post it, only to discover…

You have no coverage.

Of course, it’s not just getting online that doesn’t seem to work at these big events. It’s sending texts and making calls too. And nothing is quite as frustrating as being stuck inside a mosh pit or between two-dozen food trucks or beside a crowded racetrack only to find that your phone is refusing to work.

Well, that’s all about to change. Telstra have introduced their Cell of Wheels (COW) to a whole range of events both in Bendigo and across the country. It acts like a portable mobile base station providing huge amounts of additional capacity over and above what is usually available.

It is designed with two purposes in mind: to assist traders with their connection requirements for devices such as Eftpos machines, as well as allowing attendees a quick and effective mobile phone connection.

Utilised at Elmore Field Days earlier this month, Telstra plan to use their COW service for plenty more local events in the near future.


“We will see the technology at events such as the Deni Ute Muster, Bendigo Cup and Kyneton Cup.”

- Steve Tinker, Telstra Area General Manager


While Telstra offers 4G coverage to 85% of the population and 3G to 99.3%, far more than any other provider, large-scale events require additional help owing to the overwhelming nature of so many network-users congregating in the one space.


“As you can imagine, like any other network, when lots people arrive somewhere there needs to be capacity to be able deal with everyone that is attending. You see this in terms of transport on roads or trains etc. for major events. It is no different for big events for our mobile network and we like to provide more capacity in order for our customers to be connected.”

- Steve Tinker, Telstra Area General Manager


So, lucky for us, you’ll never need to worry about not being able to send a text or make a call or upload a photo again. Keep an eye out for Telstra’s COWs at the events and festivals you attend this summer. They’re absolute lifesavers!

More speed in more places makes Telstra the best and most reliable mobile network in Australia. For more information visit one of Bendigo’s local Telstra Stores.

In association with Telstra

24 October 2018

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In association with Telstra

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