Netflix Reveals Their Top 10 Movies And Shows (By Hours Watched)

That's a lot of hours!

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Netflix have revealed the Top 10 most popular films and shows to have hit their streaming service, introducing a new metric that measures the total amount of hours spent watching content within the first 28 days of release.

Brace yourselves, the numbers are in the hundreds of millions.

Top 10 Movies:

  1. Bird Box – 282 million hours
  2. Red Notice – 277.9 million hours
  3. Extraction – 231 million hours
  4. The Irishman – 215 million hours
  5. The Kissing Booth 2 – 209 million hours
  6. 6 Underground – 205 million hours
  7. Spenser Confidential – 197 million hours
  8. Enola Holms – 190 million hours
  9. Army of the Dead – 187 million hours
  10. The Old Guard – 186 million Hours

We’ve got to be honest, we totally forgot Bird Box existed, but given how ridiculously viral the Sandra Bullock horror flick went upon its original release three years ago, we suppose it’s not totally surprising.

Given that Red Notice hasn't technically finished its fourth week on the service, the Reynolds/Johnson/Gadot action-comedy film may well have a shot at claiming the tile as Netflix's biggest movie to-date.

Top 10 Shows:

  1. Squid Game (Season 1) – 1.6 billion hours
  2. Bridgerton (Season 1) – 625 million hours
  3. Money Heist (Part 4) – 619 million hours
  4. Stranger Things (Season 3) – 582 million hours
  5. The Witcher (Season 1) – 541 million hours
  6. 13 Reasons Why (Season 2) – 496 million hours
  7. 13 Reasons Why (Season 1) – 476 million hours
  8. Maid – 469 million hours
  9. You (Season 3) – 468 million hours
  10. You (Season 2) – 457 million hours

While it surprises exactly zero people to see Squid Game in number one, we’re still shook to see just how many views it managed to rack up in four weeks.

We also thought Maid, a series about a single mother who takes up a cleaning gig to spare her daughter from a life of homelessness, was a sleeper hit, so we're more than a little glad to see it clocked in at number eight.

With only 8,760 hours in a year, we've cumulatively watched almost 972,000 years of Netflix... and we don't regret a thing.

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Nick Barrett

29 November 2021

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Nick Barrett

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