Needle Found In Strawberry At Rosny Park Woolworths

Police are investigating

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ABC News

By now we’ve all heard of the needle contamination plaguing Woolworths strawberries around the country, and Tasmania has just become the fourth state to be affected by the contamination (along with Qld, NSW and SA). 

Last night, Tasmania Police investigated the Woolworths supermarket at Rosny Park in relation to a post on social media in which a customer reportedly found a needle in their strawberry.

The customer returned the strawberries earlier that day on the basis that they were contaminated by a needle.

Police are now conducting examinations on the products to determine whether the incident is related to Queensland, or a copycat. Information from each state is being collated to assist in ongoing investigations into the original incident. 

Police have urged consumers to remain attentive when consuming food products, and to report any contaminations to authorities.

16 September 2018

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