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Tucked away in the Manuka Arcade, there is an Italian restaurant and bar that’s food is as good as its atmosphere. I’m, of course, talking about Italian Brothers.

Why are we here? Well this year’s Floriade Reimagined NightFest has a little bit of a different spin. It all happens on Friday the 2nd of October where Canberrans can join in the biggest feast by visiting an eatery or ordering an at-home experience. This is happening across Canberra and there is a big list of restaurants involved.

We were greeted immediately by the smiling, charismatic and self-described “humble owner” John Paul Romano, you are assured that you are about to have the best of Italian food has to offer.

Italian food can be a little intimidating at times, especially for the uninitiated, but luckily John Paul is there to guide you through each serving of delicious, authentic tasting of antipasto. With details on the backgrounds and histories of each different cuts and servings of meat, cheese and other nibbles, John Paul helps paint a full picture of what you are experiencing.


As well as full knowledge of all the different kinds of foods they serve, John Paul is also there to suggest different beers, wines and even cocktails. My personal favourite being a deliciously tangy sweet Negroni suggested by John Paul to match a beautiful Prosciutto.


The whole experience felt authentically Italian, with John Paul’s nonna even coming out to see if we were enjoying ourselves and what were our favourite parings, making me think that she might’ve been my Nonna.

With the borders of nearly every country being closed, turns out you can take a trip to Italy by just visiting The Italian Brothers in Manuka.

This is our choice for Floriade’s Reimagined NightFest. Where will you eat?

15 October 2020

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