Ned and Josh Reveal Our First As Canberra As Suburb!

What did you guess?

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As Canberra As has officially launched with Ned and Josh revealing the first suburb. The clues were a little tough. They included:

  • You're It!
  • Good Things Come In Three's
  • The River Boys

We had guesses of Griffith, Casey and Gold Creek but they were all wrong. Do you think you know what suburb Ned and Josh were talking about? 

Dylan did and his correct answer of Kaleen meant he won $104 AND a chance at the $20,000! 

Listen to the reveal below: 

Want to get a chance at $20,000 with Ned and Josh's As Canberra As?

As Canberra As gives you the chance to win $20,000 thanks to St George. Each workday Ned and Josh will give out clues throughout the day to help you identify the suburb they are speaking about. You'll have to listen to Ned and Josh the next day to call up and tell us what suburb they are talking about. If you are successful you win $104 and get the opportunity to type the postcode to win the major prize. 

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11 August 2021

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