Murrumbidgee River Is Expecting A Delivery!

It's all for the fishies!

Georgie Marr

5 February 2019

Georgie Marr

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Murrumbidgee is about to receive a huge delivery of healthy water!

After a multitude of fish deaths this Summer, teams of scientists, NSW agencies and the local government have come together to develop 26 gigalitres of healthy water for the lower Murrumbidgee river. 

With the soaring temperatures, algal booms and low flows, approximately 2,000 fish including carp and our beloved native golden perch have died. 

The massive distribution is said to assist with water movement, helping to guide our favourite river critters to a safe refuge!


A whole bunch of different water holders will band together to contribute to the water delivery including the Living Murray initiative, the CEWH and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage. 

For more information on how to identify a fish threat, head to the website. Who you knows, you may just save a few lives! 




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