Murchison Action Group Appeals For Public Support Following Massive Community Meeting

What do you think of the closures?

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Last night, Murchison Community Action Group held an urgent meeting to discuss the closure of DP Jones Nursing Home & Murchison Neighbourhood House.

"What has happened in Murchison is ground zero for what threatens life throughout many country towns all over Australia: drought, a decimated dairy industry, water prices and funding programs impacting aged care and health care. Rural communities in crisis. When you hear this story – you will surely recognise it as your own if you live or know someone living in a country town in Australia."

- Media Release

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The meeting had an attendance of more than 360 people, and 40 apologies. 


The community is banding together to pull off a 'Murchison Miracle' to retain all services, namely the aged care facility, neighbourhood house, and the medical clinic. 

"It's not okay to lose a major employer in a small town and to wait and watch the rest of the town experience the fallout of unemployment, reduced use of other facilities such as the school, chemist, shops and post office"

- Jenny Lister

Organisers are encouraging residents to contact their local politician to petition for state or federal intervention, and to let them know they stand in solidarity with the people of Murchison in their battle. 

Inform your local member as to why you think local jobs are important, why you want the reassurance of aged care in our community, and what repercussions you believe will follow as a result of these closures.


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Ebony Reeves

29 October 2019

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Ebony Reeves

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