More CCTV Cameras for Kingaroy?

They could be on the way…

24 September 2018

Article heading image for More CCTV Cameras for Kingaroy?

Kingaroy business owners could soon see the installation of CCTV cameras in the area.

A grant for funding for the installation of cameras in Kingaroys business district has been applied for, the announcement was made at last week's Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Sergeant David Tierney welcomed the potential installation at last week's meeting saying the cameras could be used to assist police in finding culprits after they've committed a crime.

Whilst Sgt Tierney said he was right behind the proposed installation of CCTV cameras, he advised it wouldn't be funded by police.

"Unfortunately we won't be able to pay for it, I am currently trying to get more police here in Kingaroy."

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