Millions Of Unspent Dine And Discover Stimulus Vouchers Set To Expire

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New South Wales residents are being urged by the state government to use any unspent Dine and Discover vouchers before they expire on June 30.

Currently residents are holding onto more than $326 million worth of vouchers.

So far, 20 million vouchers have been spent, each worth $25, however there are still more than 13 million yet to be used.

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Tourism Accommodation Australia’s CEO Michael Johnson said the vouchers had generated a lot of business and encouraged people to make the most of them while they still could.

“You’ve got that extra money in your pocket to spend on things like dinner or breakfast or other items to ensure that you have a good holiday,” he said.

“[Tourists] have been able to have more money in their pocket, spend more in the location, whether it be in the restaurant itself, or whether it be within the hotel.”

The state will now address staff shortages issues, more notably a problem as demand for hospital, retail and tourism increases again.

“A lot of hotels can’t fill, a lot of restaurants can’t fill or they can’t be open for their normal operating hours because of the staff shortages. That’s the biggest sort of handbrake on our recovery.”

- Michael Johnson

People can find out where the vouchers are eligible for us by visiting the business and voucher finder.

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17 June 2022

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