Melbourne At Serious Risk Of Blackouts This Summer

Urgent action needed

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There’s a high chance we’ll be experiencing some blackouts this summer, especially in Melbourne.

The Australian Energy Market Operator's latest Electricity Statement of Opportunities says more electricity supply or other actions are urgently needed to meet high demand during the season.

"Compared to last year's forecast, AEMO observes greater risks of load shedding due to uncontrollable, but increasingly likely, high impact ('tail risk') events such as simultaneous unplanned outages during hot days," the report said.

A key reason for the risks is the failing reliability of ageing coal-fired power stations.

However, other states within the national electricity market aren't expected to experience such problems this summer.

Ageing coal-fired power stations will be to blame for any summer blackouts in Victoria, the Climate Council argues.

Australia's modern energy system needs more large-scale renewables such as solar and wind paired with storage, the group says.

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22 August 2019

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