Mega Excitement for Mega Cheer!

2020 Team Placements taking place!

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Can I get a holla for those who are SO ready for the end of year? I hear you I really do. For most of you the thought of organising your kids 2020 activities is way down your list of to dos. You’re probably more focused on end of school, concerts, um Christmas etc. Let’s be honest most people leave sorting it to the very last minute where the only activities seem to be the ones nobody wants to do and at times that do not work for you.

The wonderful folk at Mega Cheer are here to help you achieve your #goals. They are hosting a 2020 Team Placement Day on Saturday 7 December where kids can experience #cheerlife.



Blow your kids minds with their state of the art space at 26 Fremantle St, Burleigh. You know they will LOVE all their gear – they have a brand new stunt stand (I know right!) Ross Athletic sprung competition floor (Go Ross 😊) and FIVE mat sprung training floor, Tumble Trak, Go Pro capabilities and crash mat equipment to ensure all athletes are given every opportunity to be the very best they can be!! Wait… what is the age restriction, can we join too?

The Mega Cheer Open Day is the only opportunity this side of 2020 to show your kids the facilities, the team and let them see for themselves what it’s all about. You are going to be their favourite parent – it’s official!

Mega Cheer is THE place to build on all the skills you need to be at top human – mateship, confidence and courage and you just know Mega Cheer is a super positive place to be. Your kids will be pushed to their limits and beyond in a way that builds confidence in themselves and pride in their team

So grab your pom poms and head down to Mega Cheer, 26 Fremantle St, Burleigh, Saturday 7 December and see if all for yourself. Or visit to find out more!

15 November 2019

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