Meet The New & Returning Housemates Participating In Big Brother 2022!

Kicking off tonight!

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Big Brother 2022 starts TONIGHT, Monday May 9 on 7 and 7plus, and we can't wait to see new and returning housemates enter the house!

21 housemates will be cut off from the outside world with cameras and microphones recording their every move for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

You're probably wondering who will be playing Big Brother's game this year...well, wait no more!



Aleisha, best known to her girlfriends as ‘Leish’, is the girl next door type who is bubbly, carefree and gorgeous. She’s a smart, friendly, gregarious and chatty blonde bombshell who has no problem getting her flirt on, where she knowns she can use this to manipulate and deceive in order to get her own way. She’s not afraid to lie in situations, in order to win.


Gabbie is outgoing and vivacious, but she’s also used to being protected as the youngest in her family. She lives by the motto, ‘what people don’t know, won’t hurt them’ but do not be fooled by her innocent girl next door vibes, Gabbie is sassy, she’s bold, she’s lively and very feisty. Gabbie is willing to use her charisma, charm and devious ways to have the other housemates eating out of the palm of her hands, whilst ironically, she hates liars, two faced people and back stabbers.


Jaycee is an ambitious hip hop artist who oozes swagger, style and confidence. He’s a smart, articulate and charismatic guy who is willing to use these characteristics to win people over every day and he will charm his way into the house. A 6 foot 1 Jamaican-Australian, he will happily flirt his way through, singling out his his good looks and good banter to forge his way into a powerful position with all the housemates.


A builder by trade, Joel is a cheeky charmer who lives in Newcastle. Currently studying a Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy Technologies at University, he also has a part time position at Bunnings, he dabbles in modelling and is a vegan. A total extrovert, he believes there isn’t one person he couldn’t win over with his charm and huge positive energy.


An alpha male, Johnson is instantly recognisable with his trademark beard and his loud booming voice. Always one to stand out from the crowd, there is no missing Johnson, who commands attention wherever he goes. Johnson has an opinion on everything and if he doesn’t have an opinion on a topic, he will make sure he develops one. He can often come across as being arrogant and loud, but he also has a fun, playful and goofy side.


Josh is a former international model turned house painter, running his own business north of Byron Bay. Each day he wakes up at the crack of dawn, walks his dog (Bowie), grabs a coffee and heads out for a surf. When he’s not painting houses, he is very much an outdoors guy who you can find surfing, camping, fishing or taking his boat out. Planning is not his forte, he likes to act on a whim and always goes with the flow.


Lara is a 52-year-old single grandma from regional NSW. She’s effervescent, bubbly, gregarious, lively and most importantly kind. Lara is a passionate and family orientated mother of four and grandmother of one. Hailing from a strict Greek family, Lara has decided that it’s her time to shine and live out her adult life on her own terms – colourful, wild and adventurous. Currently a hairdresser, she loves looking after others and loves that her job allows her to help people feel better about themselves.


Lulu is a 5ft fiery Latino but the term ‘short and sweet’ does not apply to her. Brazilian born, she always embraces her fiery and feisty side. Serving everything with a smile, you need to beware if you cross her. On the surface, she’s the epitome of her favourite soap opera ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’; she’s friendly, cute and very loveable but she can turn in a split second and doesn’t care what you think if you disagree with her.


Melanie is a whirlwind of the highest energy at all times – she’s 40, fabulous and totally frenetic. Her happiness is contagious, you can’t feel anything other than your best self being part of her orbit. Her infectious, unfiltered, loud, intense personality can put people off on first meeting, but it’s her confidence in her own skin that makes her one to watch.

SAM, 31, QLD

Samantha is a sensual, self-assured woman who teaches couples lessons in intimacy, which in turn teaches them about their own sexuality and sexual needs. She’s has opinions on everything, which for her could range from climate change to burnt toast – she’s not one to keep her thoughts to herself, in fact she could be described as outspoken and confrontational. As a born leader, she won’t tolerate being told what to do, particularity by a fellow woman. She’s drawn to men and can be quite the seductress and isn’t afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants.


Taras is a quirky and slightly eccentric man who is completely comfortable in his own skin and is an authentic people person. He describes himself as ‘a little bit fruity’ never adhering to social norms and breaks stereotypes of how men should be and behave. Big Brother 2022 – Housemates A successful creative in the music scene, he writes music for Sticky Fingers and is a multi-instrumentalist in his own band The Lulu Raes. He is also a music teacher.



2006 housemate Farmer Dave is known in the Big Brother DNA as the Farmer who came out as gay to his fellow housemates, family and the country on National TV. It was his charm, charisma and down to earth approach that made men and women all over Australia fall in love with him. He placed third in Season 6.

He returns to the Big Brother House, 15 years later with a belief that Big Brother made him into the man he is today, living as the strongest, best version of himself. Going into the house, Dave is adamant that he will not lie, manipulate or backstab anyone, he will however give 100% to challenges, embracing the new game and make lifelong loyal alliances.


2013 housemate Drew is a returning housemate who made national headlines in Season 10 of Big Brother. Not only did he steal the heart of fellow housemate, Tully, in one of Australia’s most whirlwind love stories, he also struck up a fierce bromance with Tim Dormer. Drew placed fourth in Season 10.

First time around, Drew was known as the stereotypical heartthrob model who was not only charming, but cheeky and loyal. He was also mischievous and a total prankster, and it was often his bromance with Tim that got him into trouble, not only with Tully, but with the other housemates too.


2012 housemate Estelle infamously holds the record for receiving the most nominations in a single night (19 votes). She was best known in Season 9, as the person who polarized her fellow housemates and was undoubtably regarded as the biggest misfit in Big Brother’s history due to her unique personality and skater girl, meets rapper vibe. She placed third in Season 9.

Even though Estelle goes down in history tied as the most nominated housemate ever with 89 nominations, Australia fell in love with her resilience, loved her quirks and backed the underdog, saving her from nine evictions.


2012 runner-up Layla is the fun-loving bubbly Brit who burst onto our screens in Season 9, quickly becoming a loveable fan favourite, winning the hearts of Australians and coming in second. An ‘English Rose’ like no other, she was known for her theme tune ‘Oats-a-la-Layla’ and for her steamy love affair with an intruder Sam Wallace.

Eight years after her first time on Big Brother, she is still the loveable, excited, happy go lucky lady we all fell in love with. However, this time, she’s more confident and much stronger and she won’t shy away from conflict. Layla plans to only be her authentic self.

TIM, 37, NSW

2013 winner Tim is a Big Brother former winner of Season 10 and was a Housemate in Big Brother, Canada and he’s a proud fan favourite and was placed third, despite a target being on his back the entire time. He made a huge splash last time he was on Australian Big Brother with his mouth bigger than his hair and his love for shit stirring – he was known for being one of the most divisive contestants in the show’s history.

Currently a disability support care worker, Tim is returning to the house and he has not changed a bit - he’s still brutally honest and admits he is a little terrified at the lengths he will go to win this new format, but assures us all he has enough in his little bag of tricks to make it interesting.


2004 winner Trevor, known affectionately as ‘Big Trev’ is famously known in Big Brother history as the first and only Australian to win $1 million dollars’ worth of prize money when he took out the tile in Season 4.

He then went on to propose to his now wife, Breea on national TV. He was last known as a total prankster and fun-maker, often tricking and scaring his housemates in order to amuse himself. He’s quick witted, energetic and up for any chance to dress up and make a fool of himself.


2003 winner Reggie is a down to earth mother of two, who stole the hearts of Australia’s nation when she won Big Brother, Season 3. Working at a Tasmanian fish & chip shop, Reggie was adored around the nation for her salt of the earth attitude and true blue, ocker slang. Not only was she a total straight shooter, but she was totally relatable to all Australians.

18 years on, Reggie is determined to give Big Brother another crack and hopefully win it for a second time. She knows that she enters with a target on her back, but she still feels that she can win over the housemates by being herself and make sure they keep her in the game.


2013 housemate Tully blasted into the Big Brother house in Season 10, always wearing her heart on her sleeve. Entering via the halfway house, Tully cried about it every day, from then on, she was known for being very emotional!

Most famously, Tully is known as the girl who fell in love with fellow housemate Drew Anthony, despite having a girlfriend on the outside – committing one of the biggest relationship betrayals seen on national TV at the time.

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9 May 2022

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