Meat Eaters to Foot The Bill Of JBS Cyber Attack

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We're likely to see the cost of red meat soar after a cyber attack forced several abattoirs nationwide to close.

The world's largest red meat processor, JBS have reduced production at some meat processing plants around Australia and North America, after being caught up in a cyber attack on Monday.

Around 6,000 Australian workers are impacted by the outage, and have been stood down from work since Monday.

Meat prices to soar after JBS cyber attack

Professor Shumi Akhtar from the University of Sydney says while our supply chains will likely be affected, at this point it's nothing to worry about.

“These enough in every store to meet the demand for three of four days, but if it lasts more than a week I’m sure there’s some alternatives, especially their competitors will jump in and fill the gap while JBS is fixing their system.”

Canberra is providing assistance amid fears the halt to production could soon see us paying more for meat.

Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud assured Australian’s that they are working with JBS to find the perpetrator and reopen supply chains soon.

"We are working with them through Cyber Security Australia making sure that the Department of Agriculture and JBS are coordinating that to get to the bottom of this and to hunt down those who have perpetrated this."

The FBI are investigating multiple reports that suggest the cyber attack originated from a criminal organisation based in Russia.

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1 June 2021

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