Matty Predicted The Outcome Of The Bachelor!

7 days after it started!

5 October 2018

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Those who watched The Bachelor last night would no doubt still be reeling about the result.

After weeks of getting to know the girls in the Bachelor mansion, Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins decided that neither Brittany, or Sophie, were the right girls for him and so, he left his reality TV experience single.

Both girls were shocked when they found out that he hadn't picked a winner, but someone who wasn't shocked in the slightest at the result, was our very own Matty Acton!

Only a week after The Bachelor started this year, Matty was scrolling through Instagram and spotted a comment that proved to him, that the Honey Badger didn't end up with any of the girls on the show.

Refresh your memory by listening to Matty's initial prediction below:

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