Matt's Written A Schoolies Song That's Chock Full Of Good Advice

"Go and have the best time of your life"

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Schoolies is upon us again and our Matt thought he'd do something that "might speak to the kids".

He's done a song that (hopefully), the kids get to take something from as they head off to (hopefully) party responsibly.


If you'e interested in the lyrics, here they are.

This is your turning point
You've reached the end of school
Head down to Schoolies Week
I won't load you up with rules
Don't be an idiot and come back in one piece
Don't swallow anything you've picked up off the street
No, do not pash a Toolie
Those Toolies aren't too bright
Make sure you all come back to us all right!

Whoever's driving, this is your chance to excel
Make sure you call your parents
Don't put them through hell
For God's sake, eat some food and try to get some sleep
Choose well and don't hang out with idiots or creeps
Because fighting is for cavemen
Much cooler are the meek
Remember some injuries for keeps

Well if you've a friend who's in distress or throwing up
Don't be afraid to call on people who can help
I know you think you're all grown up and know what's what
But don't make enemies of Ambos or of Cops
Now things get unpredictable and sometimes there is strife
But going have the best time of your life


18 November 2022

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