Massive Drug Bust Causes Cocaine Drought Across Sydney

Six men arrested

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New South Wales Police claim Sydney is now in a cocaine drought following a massive drug bust on Tuesday.

Police seized a 130-kilogram shipment of cocaine on its way to Australian shores via a Singapore Airlines flight from the UK.

Police say the move prevented “hundreds of kilograms” of cocaine from reaching the streets of Sydney.

“The UK authorities showed some ­brilliant investigation in this and identified that there may have been a number of trial shipments or what we call ‘dry runs’. 

“From that, they identified that this particular shipment was loaded with again, what we will allege is 130kg of cocaine,”

- NSW Police Detective Superintendent Rob Critchlow.

Police arrested six men in relation to the dramatic $50 million drug bust on Tuesday.

Investigators tracked the drugs, which were concealed in the base of an industrial generator, to a Cawdor property in south-west Sydney on Tuesday afternoon at around 5:45PM.

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Police were alerted to the truck and van driven by three men along the M7 following a tip-off from UK authorities.

Officers from the Organised Crime Squad and Tactical Operations Unit waited for the men to complete the drop off before tailing their vehicles along the M7.

The men appeared to have caught wind of the police presence before veering off the road, sparking a police chase.

The driver of the truck attempted to evade officers, ramming police cars before eventually being stopped and detained.

Police arrested the 29-year-old and 32-year-old men inside the truck, along with the 29-year-old van driver.

All three men are facing multiple charges including illegal drug importation, while three other men have been arrested in the UK for their part in the illegal shipment.

NSW Police Detective Superintendent Rob Critchlow confirmed that the three Sydney men have no links to organised crime gangs while the three UK men were linked to “…high-level criminals in that part of the world".

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Georgie Marr

21 July 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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