Mark McGowan Testifies Against Clive Palmer In Defamation Case

"My entire family is under threat..."

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Mark McGowan has testified in defence against a defamation claim from billionaire Clive Palmer in the NSW Federal Court.

Mr McGowan has testified that the billionaire has people “under his spell” which culminated in death threats against the WA Premier.

Mr McGowan told the court that Mr Palmer has “promoted or contributed” to the criminal actions of a number of Palmer’s followers over the state’s hard border closures, which has resulted in death threats both against the WA premier and his family.

“(Mr Palmer) arouses this anger and this madness in our community that contributes – I don’t say it’s all him – but he contributes to these sorts of behaviours that I’ve never in my lifetime seen before,” Mr McGowan said.

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“I now have, outside my home, a police car parked 24 hours a day, I have police that accompany me virtually anywhere I go. 

“My entire family is under threat because of all this madness that people like Mr Palmer stir up that results in me having to close my electoral office because my staff are under threat.”

Mr McGowan said Mr Palmer’s “crazed language” encouraged people to blame him for a number of “conspiracies” surrounding the pandemic.

“This sort of crazed language and behaviour promotes and gives some people licence in order to let loose the darker angels of their nature to hold someone, namely me and therefore my family, responsible for whatever conspiracy they then get into their heads,” he said.

“This sort of stuff that he does is false, it’s offensive and it causes and contributes to great pain to me and my family.”

Mr Palmer had previously told the court that he had reason to believe Mr McGowan passed a law which would allow him to murder Mr Palmer without prosecution.

Mr McGowan responded to the statement saying he was deeply offended that Mr Palmer would claim he passed a law that would excuse him from abiding by the criminal law.

“For him to suggest that I was corrupt and capable of passing laws, which is demonstrably false, which give me an exemption from the criminal law to basically murder and kill, rob and steal and so forth, is a deeply offensive, rude and hurtful statement, which again, some people are capable of believing,” he said. 

“What people like Mr Palmer does is he creates a band of angry people in our community who believe this sort of stuff and get themselves so wound up that they do crazy things in relation to me and my family."

- WA Premier Mark McGowan

“Things like threaten to kill me and my family, threaten to kill my children, things like ram their cars into power poles outside my home.”

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Georgie Marr

7 March 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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