MAN UP: 7News WA Young Achievers Award Winners

Community Service & Volunteering award

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This morning Pete, Matt and Kymba spoke with Ethan and Ash from MAN UP following on from their win for the Community Service & Volunteering award at the Young Achiever Awards 2021.

Man UP, located in Wembley Downs equips young men to be emotionally capable and purpose-driven through small, workshop-style sessions with the aim to redefine what it means to ‘man up’.

"At school, attitudes we had towards the women and non-binary people in our community which I thought were normal, I sort of left school with this in mind and saw how that affected the people around me.

"Thinking something like this is normal is so problematic"


Congratulations to Ethan and Ash from MAN UP on their amazing achievement.

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Madi Reid

6 December 2021

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Madi Reid

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