Man Luckily Escapes The Jaws Of A Freshwater Crocodile In Remote Queensland

Lucky to be alive

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A remarkable escape for a man in Queensland who wrestled with a saltwater crocodile while swimming in the state's north-west on Sunday.

The man aged in his 40's was taking a dip at a popular tourist hotspot Lawn Hill, also known as Adels Grove, when the crocodile latched onto his arm.

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Wrestling away from the jaws of the croc, the man who was on a motor-biking tour, managed to get away with only puncture wounds to his hands and feet, with authorities saying he is "lucky to be alive".

Following the horrifying attack, members from his tour group called triple-zero, then drove him to a nearby airstrip to meet the rescue chopper.

"He was in a lot of pain and the puncture wounds from the croc's teeth were very deep," RACQ LifeFlight Rescue Aircrew Officer Greig Allan said.

"The patient told us the crocodile would have been between two and three metres long, so he's lucky to have escaped with his life."

- Greig Allan

"Luckily the tourists out there had GPS systems, so the helicopter could locate them exactly," said Brad Hardy, Superintendent for the Queensland Ambulance Service north-west district.

"The other people that were there did a really good job, they had bandaged the wounds to stop the bleeding."

"It appears that they were swimming around a waterfall, and he went behind the waterfall and there was a freshwater crocodile there," Mr Hardy said.

The man was flown to Mount Isa Hospital in a stable condition where is recovering.


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16 May 2022

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