Man Avoids Jail Time Over Long List Of Offences

Including assault and robbery

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A man accused of a number of offences including punching a woman, robbery, police abuse and meth related driving offences has been convicted. 

Zak Michael Schembri has managed to avoid time behind bars due to his “good record” after facing the Hobart Magistrates Court on Monday.

The long list of crimes were committed between 2021 and 2022.

The court heard that Mr Schembri assaulted a 38-year-old woman by punching her in the face during an altercation.

The assault caused the woman minor injuries including a swollen lip and forehead.

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Mr Schembri was also accused of police abuse after hurling several profanities at police officers before threatening to shoot them.

The police abuse incidents occurred on both March 20 and April 9. 

The court heard that Mr Schembri stole a significant amount of meat from a supermarket and looted several tools from tradies vehicles worth a total of nearly $10,000 on April 16.

Mr Schembri was also found to have attempted to steal a vehicle on May 22, fled from a taxi without paying on April 28 and driven his car into a ditch while high on meth on April 17. 

Mr Schembri’s Defence lawyer argued that he stole to support his drug habit.

“I would simply say a lot of this offending, his stealing offending, arises out of Schembri’s abuse of methamphetamine,” he said.

“His explanation in relation to that is he became a significant user of methamphetamine after breaking up with his partner.”

Magistrate Chris Webster sentenced Mr Schembri to six months in prison, suspended for three years based on his young age.

“Mr Schembri, you’re on the border of going to prison. It’s only your young age and your good record that are the reasons you’re not going to prison today.”

- Magistrate Chris Webster

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Georgie Marr

19 July 2022

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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