Maitland Mother Of Seven Becomes Multi-Millionaire

She won the latest RSL Lotteries draw

21 April 2017

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A Maitland mother-of-seven has become an instant multi-millionaire.

Lynne Mitchell won first prize in the latest RSL Art Union lotteries draw.

She now has a tough choice to make.

Either claim a $2 million penthouse apartment in Camperdown, which offers panoramic views of Sydney’s city skyline.

Or a briefcase of $2 million in gold bullion.

Lynne has ten business days to make up her mind, but says at this point she's leaning towards the apartment.

"I've got two daughters living in Sydney and they love it," she told KOFM. "I think it would be a good investment." 

Here's the phone call where Lynne was told the life-changing news:

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