MAFS' Jessika Power And Monique Morley Slam Bachie Matt Agnew Online

Of course they are friends

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Just when we thought that the drama had calmed down… we yet again need to grab a cup of tea and take a seat.

We all remember what went down on The Bachelor this week... yes we are talking about whether Monique Morelcalled Matt a See You Next Tuesday or not?… or if Abbie was just creating drama?

But either way, last night we saw Monique being sent home and now she has taken to Instagram to speak out. 

She posted her Bachelor promo photo, with the caption, “I’m outspoken, but I’m kind. I’m protective and I’m loyal.”


Adding, “If beautiful, strong women around me start to feel less… I will stand up and speak my mind. Can U Not Tell?”

Fans of the show were quick to comment their support on her post with one saying, "What an absolute stitch up! Team Mon still lives on in my eyes. Can’t believe Matt asked you to leave, spewin! On to bigger and better things Monique! #teammon."

Another saying, "Abbie is just a little snitch."


One of the comments was also from former Married At First Sight star, Jessika Power, who showed her support to her friend writing, “You go girl! He seems like he’d have the personality of a wet towel anyway. Good on you for standing up for the women.”

Monique then replied by saying, "@jessika_power I [email protected]#$ING LOVE YOU.”

Oh boy… it never ends.

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Carly Heading

16 August 2019

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Carly Heading

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