Love Island’s Teddy Says Eden & Erin Threw Ice At Him In A Club

"Erin was screaming 'f*** you'"

31 July 2018

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The uncomfortable feud between Teddy Briggs, Eden Dally and Erin Barnett from Love Island Australia is apparently even more tense now than it was back in Spain.

Speaking to The Daily Mail on Tuesday, Teddy claims that Eden and Erin lashed out at him during an appearance at the Light at Crown nightclub in Melbourne on Saturday.

“Basically after coming off stage and going into our booth [directly across from Eden and Erin’s], Eden began to make crying faces and rub his hands on his face to pay me out for crying on TV,” he recalled.

“Erin was also putting her fingers up screaming 'f*** you' which I think was more directed at Jaxon Human and Grant Crapp. Moments later there were a few pieces of ice thrown from their booth at myself and Jaxon.

“'It was disappointing [more] than anything... I just want this whole feud to be over.”


Teddy also addressed the incident on his Insta Story (it’s still there as of writing, if you want to check it out), asking for Eden and Erin to ‘squash the beef’ and to let his followers know crying isn’t something to be ashamed of.

“Unfortunately there was a bit of a negative thing from the night and I just wanted to squash this because you know I don't tolerate bullying or negative behaviour.

“I have no beef with Eden or Erin, I wish them the absolute best but there was a situation where they were throwing ice and making crying faces… That was obviously referencing my breakdown on the show, where I did show my emotions and I did cry on TV… I felt bullied.

“My mother taught me from a young age that there is nothing wrong with showing your emotions… Just a message to everyone out there, never ever be ashamed of showing your emotions.”

Teddy then addressed Eden and Erin directly:

“Finally, Eden and Erin, can we just completely squash this?

“I don’t want to have any animosity, obviously we’re all islanders, so we’re gonna be at the same events and it’s better that we just be civil. I have nothing bad towards you guys and I wish you all the best.”


Erin and Eden have not yet directly responded to the claims. 

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