Lockdown Will End For Most Of Regional Victoria On Thursday


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Premier Daniel Andrews announced on Wednesday that most of regional Victoria will leave lockdown at midnight Thursday.

All of regional Victoria will see the end of lockdown with the exception of Shepparton. Mr. Andrews confirmed that the case numbers in the Goulburn Valley are still a concern.

“As you can see Shepparton has been treated differently because there are case numbers there. If there were an outbreak in another part of regional Victoria then we would look to try and target and localise our public health measures as much as we could.”

It’s hoped that Shepparton will join the rest of regional Victoria within the next week.

The Premier detailed that because regional Victoria had done a ‘fantastic job’, the five reasons to leave home would be scrapped, as well as distance limits and curfew hours.

Lockdown will end for most of regional Victoria on Thursday

Regional schools will also open up for prep to grade 2 and year 12 students, at this stage remote learning would remain for other cohorts.

Up to 25 percent can return to the workplace, childcare will return to normal, and hospitality will open back up.

The Premier said that it’s a first step to getting back to Covid normal.

"It's not freedom day, it's not snapping back to really substantial movements and interactions with people, but there are some freedoms to enjoy. I hope people do enjoy them.”

We’re reminded to get vaccinated if we haven’t already, vaccine information and booking details can be found at coronavirus.vic.gov.au.

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8 September 2021

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