‘Lock It or Lose It’

Operation Sunflower: Drayton

27 September 2018

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During April to July, Drayton Police participated in Operation Sunflower, a ‘Lock It or Lose It’ initiative in the Drayton Police Division.

The operation was in response to vehicle and property theft occurring in the district targeting unsecured vehicles and property, which saw police patrolling high density areas at night.

During the patrols, owners of unsecured vehicles received a friendly visit from officers requesting the vehicle be secured.  Vehicle owners were often surprised that their vehicle was left unlocked and police urged owners not to be complacent with vehicle security.

In addition to a large amount of unsecured vehicles, many vehicles were found to have valuables in easy sight from the exterior.

The operation was warmly received from locals and Drayton Police appreciate the support in this important crime prevention strategy.

The operation was highly successful in curtailing vehicle crime in the division and will be repeated in the near future.

CRIME STOPPERS: 1800.333.000


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