Little Box Of Good Is Helping Townsville’s Homeless

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Two Aussie ladies are on a mission to comfort the homeless and educate us, through their mission with The Good Box.

The service has been adding love and light to the lives of all who receive a Good Box, and the mission continues.

Maybe you’ve spotted someone in the city and thought that is the definition of homelessness, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. The Good Box not only supply beautiful boxes of practicality, but they offer school and corporate programs to break down the stigma and educate us on homelessness.

There’s even opportunities to volunteer locally to have a positive impact on Townsville people who are going through hard times.

Townsville’s Gali Blacher is a co-founder of The Good Box and she joined #ThisIsTownsville host Carley Whittington to explain how it works and the impact that directly makes for Townsville locals:

Carley Whittington

17 September 2021

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Carley Whittington

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