Lead Actor Cast For Disney's 'Percy Jackson And The Olympians' TV Series

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Just three months after Disney revealed they’d greenlit a Percy Jackson and the Olympians television series, the House of Mouse have announced the show’s leading star!

13-year-old Walker Scobell (who starred alongside Ryan Reynolds in Netflix's The Adam Project) will be playing the titular demigod, who’s already struggling to come to terms with his Olympian roots when he’s accused of stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt.


Percy and his friends, Grover (a centaur) and Annabeth, have to undertake an epic quest across the United States to reclaim the missing mythological weapon and restore order to Olympus

Trust us, it’s going to be better than it sounds.

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The show isn’t the first time Rick Riordan’s hit fantasy series has been adapted for the screen, with Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief hitting cinemas in 2010 and its sequel, Sea of Monsters, being released released three years later.

While those films left a little to be desired (to say the least), Riordan’s direct involvement with the upcoming show gives us hope!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians will be going into production over Winter.

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Nick Barrett

12 April 2022

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Nick Barrett

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