Launceston IGA Added As Exposure Site After Quarantine Breach

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Health authorities are working to trace the spread of infection after a Covid positive teenager broke quarantine orders over the weekend.

It's led to a Launceston IGA being listed as an exposure site on Saturday between 2.20 pm and 2.45 pm.

Launceston IGA added as exposure site after quarantine breach

Public Health Director Doctor Mark Veitch says there could be a few reasons why he didn't tell them sooner.

“It is possible that your thinking is not entirely clear or at least your hesitant to say something for fear of the consequences. But our staff work with those people for days and if we elicit this information and we can use it to protect Tasmania’s health, that’s the important thing.”

The Department of Health is contacting around 100 who were at the supermarket at that time, but Dr. Veitch says the risk to the community is very low.

“Our understanding is that this person spent only a few minutes at this public site and then returned to their place of residence.”

Acting Premier Jeremy Rockliff says it's a reminder that even though our restrictions have worked well the risks are still there.

“Border restrictions and health systems can reduce but not completely eliminate the risk, for as long as Covid remains a national and global threat. Again, our greatest weapon to reduce the risk to all of us is to get vaccinated.”

Currently, 60 percent of Tasmanians are fully vaccinated, to book your vaccine appointment visit the Tasmanian Government website.

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4 October 2021

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