Lamb Chops Promise To Save The Lost Country Of The Pacific

Another roasting!

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Can a couple of curious explorers reunite Australia with the rest of the world? Apparently anything’s possible with the help of Lamb.


Question: What’s more quintessentially Aussie than a juicy lamb chop? Answer: A sense of humour

The We Love Our Lamb Campaign has once more nailed it, this time celebrating Australia reuniting with the rest of the world after years of isolation.

The annual release of the Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) summer ad for lamb takes a dig at the absurdity of the pandemic, in particular the federal Government's international travel restrictions, instead providing lamb is "the antidote" to put Australia back on the map.

This years iconic commercial, titled “The Lost Country of the Pacific” is told through the lens of an explorer and their protege, as they explore the world outside 'fortress Australia'.

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MLA Domestic Market Manager, Graeme Yardy, said its a reminder that Australia is a country not to be forgotten.

“Each year the ‘Share the Lamb’ brand gives us a great opportunity to showcase how the unmistakeable flavour and aroma of lamb brings Aussie’s together, even through the very toughest of times. In 2021 we were all about breaking down state borders, but this year we’re ready to finally open back up to the rest of the world, and what better way to issue the invite than with tasty Australian Lamb”

- Mr Yardy

The success of the advert speaks to the Australian sensibility - that even in a global pandemic, we can still take the mickey out of ourselves.


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10 January 2022

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