Kmart’s NEW Remote-Controlled Mouse Toy Is Beyond Purr-fect!

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Does your little kitty get bored easily and need something to help liven up his or her play time?

Well, as to be expected, Kmart has just the thing to help brighten your cat’s day!

Kmart has now released a Cat Toy Mouse Racer that is guaranteed to keep your feline friend entertained!

Here are the stats:

  • It’s only $25
  • Supports Android and iOS devices (Android devices using 4.4 or higher and iOS devices using 7 or higher)
  • Has a charge time of 90-minutes
  • Has a play time of 60-minutes
  • USB charging (included cable)
  • Bluetooth enabled

You can pounce on the Cat Toy Mouse Racer online HERE

Fingers crossed that my cat loves this toy… because his lack of enthusiasm for Kmart’s laser cat toy broke my soul… 


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