Kempsey Officer Recognised at Government House

Bestowed a High Commendation

1 August 2018

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Image courtesy Rob Tuckwell Photography

West Kempsey based Sergeant Clinton Smallwood was one of the recipients at the Royal Life Saving Society Australia (NSW) Commendation Awards, presented at Government House in Sydney yesterday.

A wide range of amazing people from New South Wales who have helped others in a time of crisis received awards at Government House in Sydney, from His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley, Governor of New South Wales.

Royal Life Saving NSW Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ilinsky, says it is vital to stop and shine the spotlight on unsung heroes of the community – and he highlights that is what the awards are all about.

Amongst the recipients is Sergeant Clinton Smallwood, earning a High Commendation. At about 6.00 am on 1 January, 2014, the police responded to a call that a man had been stabbed and was lying on a street in Port Macquarie.

The patient had been stabbed three times to the upper body with one stab wound directly entering the heart of the patient. At this time the patient was still breathing, however his lips were blue.

When Sergeant Clinton Smallwood arrived on the scene he commenced Expired Air Resuscitation using a mask. Sergeant Smallwood continued EAR whilst a colleague maintained direct pressure on the wounds. The police officers continued CPR until ambulance officers arrived and were able to take over treatment of the patient.

Sergeant Smallwood says it's validation of his and his colleagues efforts to keep the community safe.



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