Jeremy Rockcliff: Tasmanian Schools Re-Open And Here Is What You Need To Know

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Jeremy Rockcliff: Tasmanian schools re-open and here is what we need know

This week, Tasmanian schools have re-opened their gates for term two but our Minister for Education and Training, Jeremy Rockliff, is still encouraging parents to keep their kids at home if they can.

There has been conflicting advice from different levels of government around Australia leading up to students returning to school as to whether it is safe or not. However, the Federal Government is sending a clear message that schools should be open and kids can be going to school if necessary.

The Tasmanian education department has taken a more cautionary approach to the government’s message and public health advice, and still advise that if children can learn from home then it is the best place for them to be.

The clear policy from our Education Minister is that school sites in the North and South of the state have re-opened for those students whose learning cannot be supervised from home due to parental working commitments.

“…we have to take the precautionary approach of course and it is about stopping the movement of people within our community…” 

The number of students expected to turn up to school sites for the start of term two was estimated to be around 10% but instead was much higher than anticipated with attendance averaging around 20%.

Minister Rockliff emphasised that no matter what the student’s circumstance or background, children have a fundamental right to an education whether that be online learning or having access to offline packages.

He states that some families would have access to the internet and online learning but others may not be as fortunate and need to be able to access their learning in alternative ways.

“…we have to cater for all kids and the one thing that has been really exercising my mind, and the department’s mind, is ensuring best as possible… that no child is left behind as a result of Covid-19”.

Chelsea Wilde

1 May 2020

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Chelsea Wilde

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