Jeremy McGovern Reveals Whether Or Not Mitch Will Come Home & Play In Western Australia

"He's just unhappy..."

31 August 2018


Only a few days ago, Adelaide Crows player and younger brother of our resident AFL champion Jeremy McGovern, Mitch McGovern, requested a trade.

The statement made by the AFL said that both Mitch and the club acknowledged that his current contract, which he signed late last season, isn't due to expire for another two years, but Crows Head of Football Brett Burton said in a statement that the club would entertain a trade albeit for an appropriate level of compensation.

"We are open minded and happy to explore the options available with Mitch and his manager.

"However, the needs of the Club will be held as a high priority in any possible negotiation, especially given he is a contracted player."

Earlier this morning, Jeremy popped in for his weekly chat with Heidi, Xavier & Ryan and explained that he doesn't know the exact circumstances that lead to his younger brother's decision to leave the Crows, but he does know that Mitch simply isn't happy playing in Adelaide.

"I can't answer for him because I don't know the circumstances, but things have changed pretty quick, especially for them [the Crows].

"But this started a while ago, Mitch was getting a bit upset and, not homesick, but he just wasn't enjoying it as much as he had been."

Jeremy was also asked if he had been vouching for Mitch to come and join the West Coast Eagles and apparently, he's been wanting to play alongside his little brother "ever since he got drafted", but that realistically, Mitch could end up at any club.

Listen to the full chat below and let us know where you think Mitch should head next:

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